Training number two.

On Saturday we had another training session with a few members of the Gonet community. Our friendly nutritionists were not able to make it, and Valeria had a presentation for her university, so it was left to Ellie and myself to take the reins. We decided to present a couple of simple recipes so it was easier for us (in Spanish), and also great for the community members to take home some user-friendly recipes.

In my time spent in Gonet, I have witnessed a lot of fatty, sugary and heavily processed food be eaten. We tried to offer two recipes that are not miles away from what they are used to, but also contain some necessary nutrients that are otherwise not consumed on a daily basis.

We made potato pizzas, good ol spaghetti bolognese, and an easy salad. I know this is not a food blog but I’m going to give you the recipe for the potato pizzas anyway.

Recipe for one person. For two people multiply the recipe by two, for three people….(you get the message).
One grated potato
Pinch of salt and pepper
1 tsp oil (any type)
1/2 tsp oregano
1/2 tsp thyme
1 Tbsp Wholemeal flour
1 tsp of tomato sauce
Toppings of your choice, capsicum, corn, tomato, pieces of ham, cheese etc.

Mix all that stuff together (squeeze out some juice if there is too much from the potato). Make some 1cm thick patties on a tray with baking paper or oil and throw them in the oven. (I’m not going to tell you an oven temperature because we were using a gas oven and had no control over the heat so it’s only fair that you have to guess too!). Flip the patties at some stage during the baking process. When you start to see some golden goodness, take them out and spread a small amount of tomato sauce (if you want to make a yummy tomato paste then please do so. We were trying to make these recipes accessible to the people of this community so we decided that tomato sauce was quick, easy and a condiment that they would definitely have on hand), and add lovely, colourful, healthy toppings of your choice, then stick them back in the oven for another five to finish them off. Bamm.

Out of the blue, around fifteen children turned up at the venue. It just so happens that we were practising making food….for children. So we took our chance. We sat the kids down and plated them up some food. Success. They got stuck in.

Here is some photographic evidence of the days proceedings.


Ugly ducklings at the moment. But we all know what happened to the ugly duckling!

Decoration time.

Innocent bystanders.

Can’t beat a spag bol.


Training number two complete. I was stoked with the way that everything went on Saturday, and even more so that children actually ate our food! Wahoo!

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